The Fraud of Legislative Election

By : Diah
Wahyu Asih

This year, Indonesia is facing two kinds of election, the first one is
the legislative election and another one is the president election. However,
the legislative election that has already done in April 9th of 2014 was not
entirely honest in practice. Based on the information that I’ve got from TV,
internet, and my friends there are many legislative candidates who buy the
people voting right. The bad thing is that the people were working together with
open hands receiving money from the legislative candidates. In contrast, when
the election committee tried to set things right, the people were striking them
down. So while this democracy country is trying to lick wounds, there are
dishonesty attitude occurred like buying people voting right, accepting
conscience money, and striking the committee down.

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As we know
that nowadays many legislative candidates are willing to do anything to get
their voting in high position. Most of them shared money to people in order to
get stalwart for their party and themselves. They are not only sharing money,
but also giving facilities for citizens, building field-path, and giving consumption.
I also heard information that some of them built facility for certain citizens
in half, but if the candidates lose then the facility development are stopped. Many
of the legislative candidates are disposed to go the pace, that’s why it would
be no wonder that the lose candidate run like mad.

High value
only can be gotten if there is cooperation between two sides, in this case both
legislative candidates and people are working together. People who have a
voting right are having a great role to success the candidate. The bad thing is
that in Indonesia there are a lot of people that easy to be grafted. This may
be caused by the poor people was happy to get the money, or just because they feel
reluctant not to choose the candidate that have paid them. It means that the
election was not occurred based on honesty of the elector. In fact, if we
choose the dishonest candidates, then we will have the bad representative
person who may be a corruptor.
there are still some people who care about this and would fain to keep an eye
upon to this election. There is also commission of election who receive the
people’s complaint of election fraud. The less fortunate is the committee who
have hit by people or by the succeeding team because they were watching the
election. It really happened in Makasar and East Java on the Election Day.
conclusion, even though Indonesia is democracy country that tries to create
authority of the people, but in fact the authority is affected by certain
candidate. In here, some infractions are still occurred in the election such as
buy the people voting right and strike the committee down. These conditions
worsen by the bad behavior of the people by choosing the paying candidate.

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