Igniting Reading Culture

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If we talk about culture,
somehow we also talk about habit. Why? It’s simply because culture itself has
several points related to people’s life including habit.Every person has their
own habit depends on the people themselves or their environment. In other word,
habit is created by both nurture and nature. Nature means what is affected by
the environment while nurture is attitude that is created on the person himself.
As in expression ‘culture reflects character’, we can see how people behaviour
creates the culture, especially from the most important aspect which is

Indonesia, as a developing
country has done many things to improve our educational programs. However, it
wouldn’t works well if there is no cooperation with the people, especially the students.
Most of the students in our country only go to school to get a good mark not
the knowledge, so after the test some may forget and leave it behind. That’s
just a small example of the common mindset of Indonesian students.
Mainly, there is no
awareness of the people to gain more knowledge in life. For example, we lack of
culture of reading, and we are not interested in it. Maybe some people like to
read a lot, but the amount is not equal with the other categories .If we compare
to other countries, we can see how other people value knowledge very much.
Japan is one of the countries where the people are aware about the value of
knowledge. As the result, they are able to create many great technologies with
limited resources. How could Japanese people have reading culture? It’s because
of their nature, in this case school and their environment, that make them love
reading to get new informations.
How to make Indonesian
people love reading then? Maybe we need to improve the school policy to make students
have an obligatory to read. However, reading as a duty and not based on their
interest will not bring good effects for the children. So we also need to make
people aware of the importance of reading. How to create the culture is
questionable, but we can start from ourselves and hope that someone else will
do as we do.

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