Medium: An Alternative Micro-blogging Site

By: Deviana Kurniawati
Indonesian people are ones of the most active community
in case of using social media in daily life. The capital city of Jakarta, for
instance, is the world most active Twitter city. For about 2,4% tweets in that
platforms comes from Jakarta. It is undeniable that Indonesian people have made
social media become the most important thing in daily life. According to the
research conducted by WeAreSocial, Facebook tops the most popular social media
in Indonesia and Twitter does the second. Based on this circumstance, we could
observe our surrounding how people see social media as the thing that matters.
However, these facts also lead to an irony.
In the urban society, social media functions in various
ways. It has become the open portal for everyone to speak up their mind and
opinion. Ultimately, social media triggers more and more users each time as the
content moves to a wider range from expression and opinion sharing to the
integrated source of information. We are used to think that social media is the
platform where we only take a glance and scroll down again. This might create a
pragmatic way of thinking in which every information comes easily only to

The problem is that the amount of time spent for a focus
reading is so little. We are caught by photo and video sharing sites and
leaving such a comprehensive reading activity. One of the breakthrough social
media that provide a more thorough and complete article reading is Medium. It
is a micro-blogging site in which varies of articles being created and
published. Each article published needs at least two minutes reading. One of
its strength is the elegant and exceptional visual design. Another advantage is
that every article published is labelled with tags related to its topic. These
tags—for instance politics, life learning or poetry—would help the users to
search any certain topics by searching the tags. It would also make the article
gets more publication. It does not only accommodate articles but also photo and
even video inserted in the article. We can also share any link and audio
Despite having so many useful features, Medium users
still have to face a serious problem concerning copyright article. Plagiarism
is still possible in the recent state of platform. However, we may hope that the
team is working upon plagiarism detector in order to protect the user’s
copyright. Medium itself is available in smartphone application that can be
downloaded freely from PlayStore as well as AppStore.

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