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Book Review : Fear Street – Switched. Common Cliché Involving Mental Illness Trapped Within The Belief of Shadyside’s Mystical Artifact

If you watch netflix, you might be wondering “it’s a trend, that’s the reason why you read Fear Street because of that trilogy, right?” yes you are damn right! I personally have been a huge fan of R.L Stine’s works since I was a kid, I still had that torn Goosebumps book from my sister […]

Political Awareness and Participation of Indonesian

By : Diah Wahyu Asih Some developed countries are having great quantities of participation and belief that they have an important position and role in politics. According to Silvia Bolgherini, political participation is a series of activities related to political life, aimed at influencing public decisions in a more or less direct way—legal, conventional, pacific, […]

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